Two the brand was a group university project. Two the brand’s visual strategy has a contemporary outlook, aiming to capture the essence of authenticity and diversity amongst a real life duo. Whether its couples, siblings or best friends, we want to be able to give an insight on ordinary people’s lives and share their stories that can be relatable to anyone. We decided to play with the concept of “things that come in pairs” and adapted that into designing a range of products that come in pairs or require other halves. Each real life duo we feature symbolizes the idea that despite a range of age groups, ethnicities, sexualities, lifestyles and professions , our diverse range of products are things that are meant to compliment each other. As part of a team Annabel helped in the designing and making of the products, then styled and created a look book for Two the brand. Annabel also made a website where consumers could buy Two the brand products and engage with the brand.

Textile Federation

For this project Annabel re-branded Textile Federation and created a look book publication for the brand to send out to consumers. Annabel also did mock ups of a new website featuring a data base with all its print entries and marketing campaign with Fiji water.

Textile Federation Lookbook
Textile Federation Lookbook
Annabel Lucey Marketing Report

As part of her Final Major Project, Annabel created a conceptual marketing report. This was on herself as a stylist and a brand and can be found on Issuu.



For this project Annabel created and designed a range of silk digital printed scarfs, she created the prints from photographs she had taken and then styled and created a look book for her brand AJLucey.